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Grand Theft
Fort Laduerdale Grand Theft Attorney
Hiring a Fort Laduerdale Grand Theft Attorney A simple trip to a local Home Depot recently landed a woman in jail on charges of grand theft and in need of a Fort Laduerdale grand theft attorney. It’s a news story that’s taken much of the public by surprise at the legalities since the action is...
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Legal Assistance for Those Charged with Grand Theft and Other Criminal Offenses Two Fort Lauderdale city employees have been charged with grand theft and bribery in connection with the acceptance of unlawful payments from residents. If convicted, the two men could face prison time, hefty fines and the destruction of their reputations, and both could...
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Even though an employee is supposed to act in the best interests of their employer, one administrative assistant decided to misuse her position to steal from her company. In fact, authorities say that she stole more than $338,000 from the company. Instead of showing up for work each day, the former assistant now awaits further...
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One prominent Fort Lauderdale doctor couldn’t figure out why her business was failing. She had regular customers, a positive reputation in her community and steady income. Still, there wasn’t enough in the bank to pay her bills. The doctor soon learned that her own office manager was stealing money from her practice. She was writing...
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Although she tells the future for a living, one psychic never saw her own arrest coming. The psychic should have done a reading before she tried to get on a plane bound for Europe. Law enforcement arrested her at Miami International Airport, and now she sees a jail cell in her future. Perhaps the woman...
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All growing babies need formula, but not $2,000 worth of formula in 10 days. The Broward County Police arrested a 24-year-old woman for allegedly trying to steal $1,000 worth of baby food from the Publix location on Atlantic Avenue. The woman, Sheran Sheppard, had apparently been arrested for stealing $1,000 worth of baby formula from...
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