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Former Office Manager Stole $490,000 from Doctor’s Practice

Fort Lauderdale Grand Theft Arrest AttorneyOne prominent Fort Lauderdale doctor couldn’t figure out why her business was failing. She had regular customers, a positive reputation in her community and steady income. Still, there wasn’t enough in the bank to pay her bills.

The doctor soon learned that her own office manager was stealing money from her practice. She was writing checks to cash and depositing them in her own account. Instead of taking amounts of cash for small office needs, the office manager put the money in her pocket. The office manager needs a Fort Lauderdale Grand Theft Arrest Attorney to defend herself from embezzlement charges that total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The doctor blames herself for not paying more attention to finances in her medical practice. She said she didn’t understand why she had thousands of patients but still couldn’t pay the bills. She said that sometimes it was so bad that she wasn’t able to pay herself in order to make sure that she could make payroll.

In addition to sneaking small amounts to put in her own bank account, the office manager also gave herself a raise. A Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney can help her understand what defenses she may have available to her for the offense. The manager approximately doubled her salary without permission from her boss. She may also need an embezzlement criminal defense lawyer in order to defend against the allegations that she canceled an office insurance policy in order to pocket the money. That left the office without insurance for expensive medical equipment.

A person who faces criminal embezzlement charges in Florida has the right to the help of a Fort Lauderdale Grand Theft Arrest Attorney. They face significant jail time and restitution for the stolen money. The court must prove that the person purposefully stole the money with the intent to keep it. A person who is accused of embezzlement has the right to a trial. They may testify on their own behalf and call witnesses to testify in the case.

If you’re facing an embezzlement charge in Fort Lauderdale, a criminal embezzlement attorney can help you examine the charges. They can help you consider defenses that may help you fight the charges. You may have made an honest mistake. The state may not be able to prove that you purposefully took the money and planned to keep it. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939.

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