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Outstanding Lawyer

I was facing 5 1/2 years of prison time for a 4th DUI felony charge. After 3 months of intensive negotiations with the DA, Mr Hassett was able to get me probation which was at the beginning close to a mission impossible task. My experience during this period was excellent, Mr Hassett besides doing an excellent job, he was the only person that kept in touch with me with updates, never used a secretary or assistant to do it for him.

He is one Lawyer that if he takes your case, he will handle the case himself 100% without delegating any process of the case to other members of his firm. I made the right choice of hiring a great lawyer that delivered more than I was expecting. Results with a happy ending like this one, only happen when you hire a great Lawyer like Mr Hassett. Finally, if you want to hire a High Quality Lawyer that will get you great results, his fees should never be considered an obstacle to your decision.

Thank you Mr Hassett for allowing me to stay out of jail so I can continue to stay home with my 11 year old son and wife.


A little over 10 yrs ago I was arrested and hired you to help me on my case. Little did I know that you were going to help me with my life as well. For over 30 yrs I was an active alcoholic and drug addict. I lived to drink and use every day. My life had become unmanageable. I put the blame of bad things that happened to me on other people. I argued with friends and family. I would lie and steal from family and I thought I wasn’t hurting anyone. I had been to jail and had court and probation many times. A DUI is what bought me to your office. On one of my appointments with you, you said something to me that at first really pissed me off. Those words were ” Don’t you think you have a problem?” Those words stuck in my head for a few weeks. I kept thinking that I didn’t have a problem. A week before my next court date I woke up one morning feeling not so good ( I’ve had so many mornings like this) realizing I needed help, that I had a problem. The problem I had was ME. I had to get myself right. I got the help I needed by going into a recovery program as you suggested. Ten years later, my life is so much more healthier. I am no longer harming people with my actions or hurtful words. I work on myself every day. I don’t want to go back to my old ways. September 1st 2009 is my sobriety date. I am 10 yrs happily clean and sober.

Thank you Mr. Hassett for the words that I needed to hear. When I stand up and speak at my AA meetings I repeat what you said to me so that the words may help others.



Extraordinary Lawyer. Exceeds Expectations.

I was charged with multiple misdemeanors and a felony during a spring break trip. Since he was first contacted, Mr. Hassett was on the front-lines putting in every effort to release me from holding in the middle of the night. Upon release, Mr. Hassett first comprehensively communicated to me the gravity of all charges from which he mapped all possible repercussions. He next reassuringly delineated the strategy he constructed that would reach the best possible outcome. As my proxy, Mr. Hassett kept me informed at every milestone while my residence was out-of-state. As a result, all charges were dismissed and I have further employed his services to pursue measures that will secure my identity. After researching his presence in the Miami-Dade law community, he has proven himself to be well-respected and well-networked among the Miami-Dade professional organizations. Mr. Hassett’s dedication to his craft exceeds all expectations, as such, his pricing matches his proficiency as a lawyer. I whole-heartedly recommend him to any prospective clients.

An appreciative client
Ken was extremely helpful to me regarding an issue involving my son in Florida. It was not possible for me to go to Florida at the time but Ken kept me posted along the way. I am very grateful for all his helpfulness and expertise. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Great experience
Great and in-depth knowledge of all the situations, specially mine. Well informed and easily accessible for all sorts of clarifications during the entire process. 24/7 access and availability for recommendations and executions of steps that suit your need.

Superb lawyer
We had a family member that needed proper guidance and help on their case. God had it that I ran into Mr. Hassett and asked him a few questions. He helped out same day and managing all the court related matters, what was very clear was the mutual respect in the courthouse. Because of this our relative and I decided to work with Mr. Hassett to handle the entire situation. Mr. Hassett provided us with excellent guidance, a clear strategy, and outlined action items. Most importantly, he was able to communicate in away that allowed the stress of the situation to be managed properly. My relative is very happy today, as the situation has been completely resolved, all has been cleared up and the cost was fair and reasonable. The entire family greatly appreciate your help!

Too Good To Be True
I used the services Kenneth Hassett & Associates for my legal proceedings and I was pleasantly surprized. I was obviously skeptical initially, but after speaking with Mr. Hassett, I felt comfortable, that i was in good hands. Everything that was said to me, materialized.
You would not be disappointed.

Your First and Last Call When Needing Legal Counsel
From the onset of contacting Ken Hassett, I was instantly relieved that I was in good hands. His approach, direction and advise from the get go, made it easy for me to make a decision when selecting lawyer for my case. I was in a bind with the law that could have had life impacting consequences such as job loss, deportation to Canada and/or serious jail time. Recently, all charges against me have been dismissed, thanks to Ken’s efforts, relationships and law experience. I would recommend to anyone needing legal counsel to call Ken Hassett, given the opportunity he should be your first and only call.

Worth Every Penny!
Our son got into trouble with the police with a friend of his. After getting drunk, they did something really silly and both ended up with a serious felony charge. We looked for a lawyer online and decided to go and see Ken, who stressed the seriousness of the charge. He was upfront with his fees, and although they seemed high to us (the other kids lawyers were a fraction of the amount), decided to invest with Ken. Our child is now in the drug court program (and PSI) and following Ken’s directions to a tee, has had a much smoother ride than his friend has. His friend has had to deal with his lawyer not showing up on court days (lawyer took on too many cases and could not be in more than one place at once). Not having the initial good advice that Ken gave us left his friend with a first time felony that might not have gone away if it had not been for OUR lawyer!

I have certainly realized that you pay for what you get! I would rather have a lawyer that had time for my son, has taken plenty of time to listen to our concerns and was there for us when we needed support and gave us great advice. We are still not out of the woods yet, my son is now in a year program that if he successfully finishes (which we believe he will), will be able to request that the court expunge his record … and Ken is still with us, supporting us all the way.

I recommend Ken highly and suggest you look at the QUALITY of the lawyer, if you need to hire one, be aware that some lawyers make up fees with the QUANTITY of the clients they take on.