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Fort Lauderdale City Employees Accused of Accepting Payment for Removal of Bulk Trash

Legal Assistance for Those Charged with Grand Theft and Other Criminal Offenses

Fort Lauderdale Grand Theft Defense AttorneyTwo Fort Lauderdale city employees have been charged with grand theft and bribery in connection with the acceptance of unlawful payments from residents. If convicted, the two men could face prison time, hefty fines and the destruction of their reputations, and both could certainly benefit from the services of a Fort Lauderdale grand theft defense attorney. This type of assistance is available from the criminal defense law firm of Hassett & Associates.

The suspects in the Fort Lauderdale case, aged 43 and 50, were employees of the Bulk Trash Division of the city’s public services department. According to a Fort Lauderdale police representative, the two received bulk trash that exceeded the authorized limit. This was done on several occasions and resulted in their receipt the unlawful payment. This action was classified as both grand theft, because it involved amounts of at least $300, and bribery, one type of which involves the acceptance of funds without proper authorization.

The behavior of the two employees was considered “unacceptable” by Fort Lauderdale’s city manager, who added that their actions undermined the standards of city workers and represented a breach in trust that residents should have in those who serve the public. He also lauded members of the city’s Parks and Recreation division and local police authorities for their work in solving the case.

In order for a grand theft case to be successfully prosecuted, the attorney representing the state must prove that the mentioned property was knowingly obtained and used by the defendant. There are also certain defenses that are available, including the consent of the property owners and the fact that the defendant was legally entitled to receive or dispose of the property. Additionally, there may be flaws in the way the evidence was obtained or the case initially pursued. However, it will take intervention by a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer to resolve these many issues and ensure that every defendant is treatly fairly under the laws of Florida and the guidelines of the U.S. Constitution.

A Fort Lauderdale grand theft defense attorney will serve as the defendant’s adviser and advocate throughout the legal process, either working out a plea arrangement or, if necessary, arguing the case before a jury. If you or someone close to you has been charged with grand theft or some other offense, consider contacting the criminal defense law firm of Hassett & Associates at 954-791-3939.

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