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Fort Lauderdale Massage Therapist Charged with Sexual Battery

Fort Lauderdale Sexual Battery Defense AttorneyA 32-year-old Massage Envy employee in Fort Lauderdale has been placed under arrest for an alleged sexual assault on a customer last month. The victim reported to police that the man massaged her legs near her groin area while she was on her back. The man reportedly asked her if she played sports since her groin was tight. The woman said that during the massage, she could feel a blanket that was covering her slowly moving aside and exposing part of her vagina. When she asked the therapist to simply focus on her back, he was reported to have digitally penetrated her.

The woman told Fort Lauderdale Police that she reported the incident to the receptionist of the business. The receptionist took her to another room where she wrote out a statement. After leaving the business, she contacted police, but the business was closed by the time police arrived. When a detective investigated the allegations the next day, the accused therapist denied the allegations. Upon further investigation, the man was placed under arrest after he reportedly changed his story.

Kenneth Hassett is a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer attorney. He advises that in order to prove sexual battery in the subject case, the prosecution would be required to prove sexual penetration without consent. If the victim was over the age of 18 at the time of the sexual battery, the crime is punishable by a mandatory minimum sentence of 34.5 months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. A conviction would also require the offender to permanently register as a sex offender. In an aggravated case of sexual battery, an offender can be sentenced to life in prison.

Given the harsh sentencing possibilities, a person who has been charged with sexual battery in or around the Fort Lauderdale area needs to contact an experienced and effective Fort Lauderdale sexual battery attorney right away. The prosecution has the burden of proving its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Invoke and protect your rights. If you or somebody close to you has been charged with any type of sex offense, don’t give a statement or confession to police. Instead, contact Fort Lauderdale sexual battery defense attorney Kenneth Hassett at Hassett & Associates, P.A. Call 954-791-3939 right away.

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