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Reckless Driving
Fort Lauderdale DUI arrest
In Florida, driving under the influence carries harsh penalties. Even though many people view DUIs as common offenses, these types of charges should not be taken lightly. Depending on their professions, licensed professionals could potentially suffer license consequences and a potential loss of their careers if they are convicted of DUIs. The potential consequences of...
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The rappers of the world have some extremely interesting lives. An up and coming young rapper, Kodak Black, was recently arrested for several offenses. Police saw him parked at a building that was notorious for drug sales. They immediately became suspicious about the young man’s travels. The police witnessed the passenger buying drugs inside the...
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Florida drivers are very aware of the negative reputation they have. South Florida has been been deemed the area with the most inconsiderate drivers in the United States. Reckless driving incidents have led to many accidents and arrests. An incident took place in Fort Lauderdale that emphasizes this fact. According to eyewitnesses of the event...
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If a police officer isn’t safe from a reckless driving charge, then neither are you! On the Florida Turnpike, a Florida State Trooper arrested and handcuffed an off-duty police office driving well over the speed limit. The Miami Police Department officer was headed to an off-duty job and was running late. He apologized and cooperated...
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