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Kodak Black Arrested in Hollywood After High-Speed Chase

broward criminal lawyerThe rappers of the world have some extremely interesting lives. An up and coming young rapper, Kodak Black, was recently arrested for several offenses. Police saw him parked at a building that was notorious for drug sales. They immediately became suspicious about the young man’s travels. The police witnessed the passenger buying drugs inside the establishment. They then took Black into custody, where they found that he had drugs and firearms on his person. The rapper had 20 grams of marijuana on him as well as a glock gun.

To add insult to injury, Black sped off and forced the authorities to get involved in a high-speed chase. The rapper must have been trying to truly drive the nail in the coffin, because he ended up running a red light and speeding by going 60 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. The charges that he racked up for himself are huge. He will need an experienced Broward criminal attorney to help him out of his situation. Only an attorney has the resources to assist him the way he needs to be assisted. He is looking at spending some serious time in jail.

The police charged the rapper with eluding law enforcement, possession of 20 grams of marijuana, possession of a weapon by a felon and more. Just the charge for possessing a firearm can land a first-time offender a minimum of three years in jail. The total sentence may be up to 15 years. He may receive up to five years in jail for the possession offense. Furthermore, the defendant may have to spend five years in jail for eluding a police officer. That time does not even count the traffic offenses. The defendant will need an experienced attorney to save his freedom.

Hassett & Associates can help when other attorney’s offices cannot help. Hassett & Associates is a criminal defense law firm that will fight to protect the rights of its clients. The firm has been in the business for many years and has had great success with protecting locals. If you or someone you know is facing any of the same charges that Mr. Black is facing, you can contact the firm at 954-791-3939. They will be happy to bring you in for a consultation to discuss the most effective defense strategies. Start getting your strategies in order today.

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