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Three Awaiting Trial in Broward

Three men are facing charges for the armed robbery of a T-Mobile store in 2012. The men were already facing charges in Broward County for robbing several other cell phone stores in similar incidents.

The robbery occurred on Dec. 2, 2012. Employees and one customer were in the store when the men allegedly entered with a gun and handcuffed the employees and customer in a back room. They also put superglue in the locks of the handcuffs and reportedly left one employee with life-threatening injuries from a severe beating. One of the men has also admitted to pepper-spraying the employees and customer. The employee did recover and was able to provide information to police.

Broward Criminal LawyerSurveillance video from inside the stores, tips and interviews all helped lead investigators to the men. A judge in Broward County approved a request from prosecutors to use evidence from the Boca Raton case in their cases.

One of the men has two cases of armed robbery pending, and the other two each have one open case of armed robbery.

In a case like this one, an experienced Broward County criminal defense attorney might be able to arrange a plea bargain. This involves pleading guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a lighter sentence. Depending on what kind of evidence the prosecution has, a person accused of armed robbery might also plead innocent. For example, eyewitness accounts may be notoriously inaccurate, and if this is the main evidence against a person, it might be possible to dispute it and introduce doubt about its accuracy.

Kenneth Hassett is a Broward criminal lawyer who handles a variety of cases. Whether you are in need of an armed robbery criminal defense lawyer or defense in relation to a different kind of felony, our firm can help. We can make sure that your civil rights are protected and that you get the defense that you are entitled to by law. If you or anyone you know has been faced with a similar legal situation, give us a call at Hassett & Associates, P.A. to discuss our services.

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