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Man Arrested For Reckless Driving in Fort Lauderdale

Florida drivers are very aware of the negative reputation they have. South Florida has been been deemed the area with the most inconsiderate drivers in the United States. Reckless driving incidents have led to many accidents and arrests. An incident took place in Fort Lauderdale that emphasizes this fact.

According to eyewitnesses of the event and a video captured on a cell phone, 36-year-old Sheldon Alexander Adderley was driving in circles up and down the street. As the vehicle jumped the sidewalk and almost collided with people and businesses, police officers approached the vehicle.On the video, an officer can be seen shooting out the tires of Adderley’s vehicle as the driver jumps out of the car and tries to run away from the officers. Since the vehicle was not put in park when Adderley made his sudden exit, the vehicle continued on and rolled into a restaurant.

Adderley’s escape was brought to an end when he tripped and was taken into custody by police officers. He was charged with reckless driving as well as with resisting an officer.

Adderley could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. In order to convict him of this charge, law enforcement will need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Adderley was the one behind the wheel of the vehicle and that he had a willful and wanton disregard for other’s safety when he drove in a reckless way. It is in Adderley’s best interest’s, as well as the best interest’s of anyone who is charged with reckless driving, to seek help from a Fort Lauderdale reckless driving lawyer.

When talking about reckless driving, the term willful refers to a person who drove in a reckless way on purpose. Wanton refers to the attitude with which a person committed the crime. A criminal defense attorney realizes that the prosecution has the responsibility to prove that both of these things were true before their client can be convicted of reckless driving.

Since the consequences for being convicted of reckless driving are so serious, it is good to have an attorney behind you who has the experience to protect you, like the Hassett & Associates criminal defense law firm.

In Adderley’s case, the prosecutor might be able to use a cell phone video that allegedly recorded Adderley as evidence against him. They may also use the testimony of eyewitnesses who said that Adderley was showing signs of flakka. His defense team will need to be ready to refute those and get the best deal for their client.

If you or someone you love is charged with reckless driving, do not leave your defense up to chance. Contact the criminal defense lawyers of Hassett & Associates at: https://criminallawyermiami.com/ to see how they can help your defense.

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