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Wife Of Miami Dolphins Player Arrested For Resisting Arrest With Violence

Miko Grimes, who is 40 years-old and is the wife of Brint Grimes, was arrested on Sunday, September 27, 2015 at the Sun Life Stadium. Brint Grimes is a Miami Dolphins player. She was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest with violence.

A video of the incident shows Miko screaming and yelling several expletives. She also broke through police bicycle barricades and entered a restricted area. The officers had ordered Miko several times to stop.

Miko continued to scream at the cops and tell them that they could not tell her what to do. She tried to approach the officer aggressively. The officer tried to restrain her by grabbing her arm. Miko continued to resist arrest, and other officers had to help restrain her.

Miko continued to resist arrest after the officers put the handcuffs on her. She headbutted a female police officer. She was swinging her elbows and kicking after she was put in the car. Miko suffered injuries to her forearm, knee and right arm. She received treatment at the Miami-Dade police department.

Brent Grimes did not speak to reporters after the game. Miko has bonded out of jail. She refused to speak with reporters as she exited the jail.

In 2011, it was estimated that one in 25 people in America were arrested. Most people who are arrested managed to be taken into custody without any problems. However, some people, like the woman in the aforementioned, strike an officer while they were being arrested.

People should never strike an officer. However, some people become aggravated while they are being arrested. That is why they may strike an officer. People who have been charged with assaulting an officer can fight their charges by calling a Miami battery of officer attorney.

Resisting arrest is also a crime. Anytime that a person uses physical force in order to avoid being arrested this can be classified as resisting arrest. If you have been charged with resisting arrest, then you will need a Miami resisting arrest attorney.

Kenneth P. Hassett is the attorney you should call if you have been charged with assaulting an officer or resisting arrest. He has been defending people against criminal charges ever since 1991. You can get a free consultation with him.

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