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Two Men Arrested For Attack And Robbery Of Miami Resident

Two men have been arrested for beating and robbing a tattoo artist on Miami. People saw the video of the suspects on the news and were able to pass the information on to police officers. The two men involved in the robbery and beating were 19 year-old Cristian Schiavano and 20 year-old Lian Quintero. Quintero was identified by a witness who happened to be his own friend.

Tonny Fagunez was the victim who was robbed and beaten by the two men. He identified Schiavano in a police lineup. The robbery occurred around 5 a.m. on August 31, 2015. Tonny was headed home from work.Tonny took the bus to South Beach. He then rode his skateboard to North Beach, which is where he lives. The suspects then came up and asked him for a cigarette. Tonny tried to give the men a cigarette, but they got out of the vehicle and started attacking him. He stated that he was attacked before he could even give the men what the cigarette that they asked for.

Tonny says that he was knocked down by the men. The men took his backpack, which contained supplies that he used for work. They also took his skateboard. The attack caused Tonny to suffer minor injuries. He had bruising and cuts. He also got his fingernail torn off during the attack.

The men fled after the attack, but the entire incident was caught on tape. The Miami Fire Rescue treated Tonny at the scene.

Assault and robbery are two crimes that can land a person in jail for a long time. If a person is charged with both of these crimes, then he or she can expect a longer jail sentence. The good news is that a Miami Robbery defense attorney can help you get off with a lighter sentence. If you are looking for a Miami defense lawyer or a Miami robbery attorney, then you should contact Ken Hassett.

Ken Hassett has had experience representing many clients who are facing robbery and battery charges. He can inform you of all the rights that you have in your case.

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