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Seven Arrested in Miami in Credit Card Fraud

During a pair of undercover raids in Miami on September 2-3, undercover detectives investigating alleged credit card fraud arrested a total of seven people, while also uncovering $55,000 in cash, a gun, some merchandise and a total of more than 65 allegedly stolen credit cards.

A Busy Night

The first raid at 1805 SW 107 Avenue in Westchester saw police arrest five people, and began after detectives stopped 35-year-old Michel Tenorio outside a home under surveillance. Tenorio just had dropped off merchandise to Sergio Molina, 50, and Yoandy Alfonso, 33, with the pair placed under arrest

When 35-year-old Larry Milanes-Garcia and 33-year-old Aldo Blanco arrived, the pair, along with Molina and Alfonso, were arrested. The subsequent raid netted some merchandise, most of the cash and credit cards.

Police say that the group’s plan was to purchase items with fraudulent and stolen credit cards before selling it at a steep discount (estimated at 60 percent).

After that raid ended, another one soon began in southwest Miami-Dade at SW 78th Terrace and 162nd Place, resulting in the arrest of an unnamed husband and wife.

Police say between $20-30,000 was being brought in each week by those arrested.

The Person to Contact

No court date has been set, but all of the individuals will be in need of a top-notch Miami Dade fraud defense attorney. That designation fits Kenneth Hassett, the head of Hassett & Associates, which has three offices in Davie, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Given the broad reach that’s offered, Kenneth Hassett would also qualify as a skilled Fort Lauderdale fraud defense lawyer. However, no matter where the venue is located, he has a strong background in defending all such cases.

That’s because Kenneth Hassett knows that proving such charges is a burden that the prosecution faces. They must definitively show that the accused is misrepresenting themselves in order to defraud another individual into giving up either property or money.

Such actions can be due to exaggerations, false promises or pretense or clear misrepresentations. Given the gray area often existing in such circumstances, having Kenneth Hassett handling the case guarantees that the accused receives the best defense possible.

So whether a Miami Fraud Defense Attorney or Fort Lauderdale Fraud Defense Lawyer is what you or someone you know is seeking, make sure to have Kenneth Hassett on your side to handle the case.

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