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Fraud and Misrepresentation
Fraud Lauderdale fraud attorney
An employee of the Broward Sheriff’s Office is facing her own criminal charges. She may need the help of a Fort Lauderdale fraud attorney in order to fight allegations that she committed workers’ compensation fraud. She also faces charges of official misconduct. Authorities arrested the woman because of the allegations against her. She has the...
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Ft Lauderdale fraud attorney
Fraud and deception are two common crimes that are often seen in business and workplace environments. Any person who is currently being investigated or charged with the crime of fraud or deception should look for the aid of Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney, Hassett & Associates. A recent case of fraud has been seen in an...
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Fort Lauderdale Identity Theft Lawyer
Help from a Fort Lauderdale Identity Theft Lawyer In a bizarre turn of events, a Coral Springs man is facing charges of identity fraud after he was caught making purchases with someone else’s credit cards. What makes the case even more strange? The cards belonged to two different women who were dead at the time....
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Officials say that a Fort Lauderdale Parks and Recreation employee committed fraud with a government-issued credit card. The man is now facing criminal charges of fraud. The man has the right to the assistance of Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney to defend against the allegations. Authorities say that the man used his credit card to...
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A Fort Lauderdale doctor is facing criminal charges and accusations that he wrote false prescriptions for unnecessary treatment. Authorities say that he gave fake consultations to clients in order to prescribe pain pills that patients didn’t need. Police say that the victims are the taxpayers and the patients who may have addictions to prescription pain...
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A former madam from Hollywood, California is once again in legal trouble after being charged with operating a boiler room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to commit fraud that garnered $400,000 from stock investors throughout the United States. The woman is still currently serving a three-year probation sentence for her role as a high class madam...
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