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Sheriff’s Office Employee Arrested for Fraud

Fraud Lauderdale fraud attorney

An employee of the Broward Sheriff’s Office is facing her own criminal charges. She may need the help of a Fort Lauderdale fraud attorney in order to fight allegations that she committed workers’ compensation fraud. She also faces charges of official misconduct.

Authorities arrested the woman because of the allegations against her. She has the right to representation from a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer at all stages of the proceedings. She has a right to a trial on the merits of her case. Police have accused the woman of lying about falling on the job. They say that the woman lied in order to collect workers’ compensation benefits that she did not have the right to lawfully claim. They say that the fraud totals more than $1,000.

Sheriff’s Office officials say that they are disappointed by the alleged actions of their employee. They say that accountability and transparency are an important part of a public office like the Sheriff’s Office. They have suspended the woman from her employment pending the charges against her.

Workers’ compensation programs exist in order to help injured workers. To claim benefits, an individual must be hurt while on the job or while doing the bidding of their employer. If someone claims benefits that they know they do not deserve under the law, they may be guilty of fraud. In addition, when a person works in an official capacity, like for a sheriff’s department, they may also face charges of official misconduct.

A Fort Lauderdale fraud attorney can help a victim prepare a defense to charges of workers compensation fraud. In fraud cases, the state must prove that the defendant acted with intent. In other words, the state has to show that the person knew what they were doing was wrong. The defense has a right to a trial in order to question the evidence against them.

If convicted, the defendant may face jail time, probation, fines and restitution. However, they may work with a Fort Lauderdale fraud attorney to prepare a defense. Possible defenses may be that the person is telling the truth or that they made an honest mistake. A Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer may help the defendant gather records, question witnesses, select the jury, present evidence at trial and argue to the jury. They may assist with all stages of the case including sentencing.

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