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Rothstein Snitches on Former Law Partners

Scott Rothstein, a convicted Ponzi schemer who committed the largest financial fraud in South Florida history, just announced that two of his former law partners knew he was illegally moving money through the firm and did nothing to stop him. Right before the holidays, Rothstein decided to not only throw attorneys Stuart Rosenfeldt and Russell Adler under the bus, but he also ratted on seven other attorneys inside and outside his firm such as Ken Padowitz, Steve Rossi, Howard Herskowitz, Doug Bates, and Wayne Koppel who “allegedly” helped keep the Ponzi scheme alive. Accusing people inside the firm who knew of his illegal activities, Rothstein said that attorneys David Boden and Steven Lippman, his former chief financial officer Irene Stay, his former chief operating officer Debra Villegas, his uncle Bill Boockvor, computer technicians Curtis Renie and Bill Corte, office staff members Marybeth Feiss and Amy Howard, and two paralegals did nothing to stop him. Villegas, Renie and Corte have all been sentenced for their roles in the scheme. Because Rothstein opened up about his criminal deeds, Feiss and Boockvor were criminally charged this month. Since he has nothing better to do than wait out his 50-year prison sentence, Rothstein has made sworn statements that offer his first detailed account of the $1.4 billion criminal acts. However, the two former partners denied the allegations and pointed out that he is a con man trying to reduce his prison time. Do you think he should snitch on people supposedly involved in his Ponzi scheme? For more information go to http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/rothstein/fl-scott-rothstein-speaks-20111221,0,7264222.story.

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