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Polygamist Leader Found Guilty of Child Sex Abuse

Warren Jeffs, a polygamist sect leader, was found guilty of child sexual assault in a case that stemmed from two underage followers he took as brides. His church may call it “spiritual marriages,” but the United States Government calls it child sex abuse. The head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Texas, who acted as his own attorney, was shocked as the verdict was read. Jeffs previously claimed that God would seek revenge if the trial continued and believed that his religious rights were being violated. It could take 3 days for him to be sentenced, but Jeffs could face life in prison. Investigators also brought charges against eleven other men from the group for sexual assault and bigamy. Those men who have been prosecuted were convicted and could receive prison sentences of between 6-75 years. However, Jeffs was the highest-profile defendant because of his rank in the sect. Do you think Jeffs would have fared better in the trial if he would have allowed a criminal defense attorney to represent him? After all, he did fire seven attorney’s from the case. Do you think the verdict was correct? Do you think Jeffs should be allowed to practice his “religious freedom?” The information is from http://news.yahoo.com/polygamist-leader-convicted-child-sex-abuse-213731637.html

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