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Mystery Inmate in U.S. was Booked as “John Doe”

A mystery man, booked as “John Doe”, believed to be his 70s has been locked up in a Utah jail for more than three weeks and has puzzled investigators because he silently refuses to reveal his identity or provide any details about his life. The elderly looking and disheveled elderly man with blue eyes was booked into the Utah County Jail after being arrested for trespassing in the Provo Police Department parking garage. Investigators have now been publicizing his mug shot and relying on the media to figure out who he is. The tips that they have received have led to nowhere. The man was arrested on July 1st when a police officer claimed he spotted the man peering into city vehicles. When asked to leave several times, the man allegedly refused and was arrested. “John Doe” faces three misdemeanor charges of interfering with an investigation, failure to provide information to a police officer and criminal trespass and has been held on a $1,200 cash bond. The man had no wallet and probably can’t pay his bond. So meanwhile, he sits in jail, practically silent. Investigators ran the man’s fingerprints through a state database but came up with nothing and plan to submit them to an FBI database Tuesday. Authorities are clueless on whether the man is homeless or not and would like the community’s help to identify the mystery man. Do you think the man is homeless? Why won’t he tell the authorities who he really is? Does he have something to hide or does he simply suffer from some form of mental illness? Do you think that jail is the right place for a person who is mentally ill, under these circumstances? For more information go to http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/07/26/mystery-inmate-in-us-refuses-to-reveal-name/#ixzz1TEtqMUIK.

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