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Miami Money Laundering Attorney

Miami Man Arrested for Money Laundering Scheme


A Miami man was arrested by FBI agents and charged with money laundering on Monday, May 22. He is charged along with his fugitive brother, who is reported to live in Cuba and is said to have owned Caribbean Transfers, an offshore remittance company. The charges allege that some part of $238 million was transferred from a Medicare scheme into the Cuban banking system. Some of the money is said to have been laundered through Caribbean Transfers into bank accounts in Canada.Miami prosecutor Ron Davison has called Caribbean Transfers a kind of offshore Western Union. However, the company, which folded in 2012, disclaims any fraud and attacked Miami newspapers for their reports. It placed the fault with a Miami remittance firm that sent money to Cuba through Caribbean Transfers. The remittance firm was not identified, although other sources have named its former owner, who is serving 18 years in prison for false reports of money transfers.Money laundering is the unlawful practice of hiding the amount, the source, and/or the destination of money or assets, usually via a bank. In criminal acts, money is made to look as though it came from legal sources instead of the actual illegal sources. In this way, criminal activity can be hidden. With many global financial markets today, money laundering has become an easier process. It is more and more possible anonymously to deposit so-called dirty money in one country, but then have it easily transferred to another country for actual use. This happens almost anywhere in the world.

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