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Miami Computer Crime Lawyer

Teen Arrested for Twitter Joke

Twitter is becoming troublesome, or at least is becoming a platform for bad public behavior. Social media is central in the life of many teenagers as they grow through adolescence to adulthood, but part of that learning curve is making personal mistakes. According to the Miami-Herald, that is apparently what one 15-year old Miramar, Florida boy recently did when he “tweeted” on his Twitter account that he was “about to rape a lil’ girl.”
The teenager then made bad public behavior even worse when he posted a comment to the Twitter account of the Miami area that was hash-tagged and directed at the Miami Police Department suggesting he had been raping young girls and the police department was not responding. He then provoked the police again by asking “does my avi not scare you,” which was a hologram profile picture of himself. This time the Miami Police Department responded and arrested the minor, who was charged with a misdemeanor of making a false police report. He stated that he was “just joking.”
Illegal behavior in the South Florida area generated on Twitter has also included adults, as 38-year old fireman Gabriel Diaz was arrested for posting 16 images of underage girls having sex. His attorney stated in the defense that Diaz was unaware the girls where all underage. The legal question in both of these includes whether Twitter should change the posting policy for lewd or illegal image posting. Facebook and You Tube censor all content for explicit lewdness, but all social media sites to do not maintain this policy. There is clearly room for legal arguments for a criminal defense attorney in both of these cases and the outcomes may impact further issues with social media, at least in certain states. That is not to mention the lives of these two defendants.

Censoring content on social media can be a controversial issue in some instances, but claiming to rape someone or sharing pornography can still be problematic behavior. However, the government is not entitled to a conviction, and in some cases the particular court system may not have jurisdiction over the social media platform. Anyone who is involved in a computer-related or cyber crime should always retain an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney like Miami computer crime lawyer Kenneth Hassett of Miami. The Hassett Firm criminal defense legal team fights aggressively for all clients and ensures that all client rights are observed in the court process. They can be contacted at any of their offices in the Broward County or Miami-Dade County area, or by contacting the the official firm website.

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