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Miami Battery Defense Lawyer

Firefighter Arrested For Attacking An Elderly Man


Reynaldo Miranda, who is a 47-year old firefighter, has arrested for assaulting an elderly man. According to the police report, Miranda was upset because the 71 year-old man’s vehicle was too close to his. He allegedly got out of the vehicle and began yelling at the elderly man. He then walked up to the victim’s vehicle and began striking the elderly man on the head.The incident occurred at Southland Mall in Miami, Florida. Miranda appeared in court on Wednesday May 7, 2014. He was charged with aggravated battery. The bond court judge stated that everyone makes mistakes in life, but what Miranda did to the elderly man was terrible.Miranda stated that the police report did not give all of the details of the story. He also told the judge that he has been a firefighter for 29 years and has a perfect work record. However, the judge stated that there was a witness there that saw the entire incident.Miranda did not want to comment as he left the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. He also did not want to talk to 7News about the incident. He has been bonded out of jail. One day before he attacked the elderly person, he attended his co-worker’s event.

What Miranda did was inexcusable, but unfortunately, it occurs far too often. If you have been a victim of battery, then you should contact a Miami battery defense lawyer. A Miami battery defense lawyer can help you get the compensation that you need for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Before you contact an attorney, it is important for you to understand what constitutes battery. In the state of Florida, a person can be charged with battery if he or she intentionally causes bodily harm to another person. A person could also be charged with battery if he or she intentionally strikes or touches a person against his or her will.

One could be charged with felony battery, which is a more serious, if he or she commits a battery that results in great disfigurement or bodily harm and/or involves the use of a weapon. Additionally, a person could be charged with a felony battery if he or she attacks a pregnant woman.

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