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Miami prostitution defense attorney

Miami Man Arrested for Running Brothel Out of Apartment

The state of Florida has strict rules against prostitution and the solicitation of such. Therefore, a Pembroke Pines resident may need the assistance of a Miami Prostitution Defense Lawyer to help him with some recent charges he accumulated. Police bombarded the San Tropez Apartment complex and arrested Sergio Arroyo, who is a 41-year old tenant. Apparently, Arroyo had been running a brothel out of his unit with no regard for the other tenants in the complex. Members of the Velez family, who live below Arroyo, were shocked when they heard the news. Caroline Velez stated she merely exchanged salutations with Arroyo and was unaware of any illegal activity. Juan Velez stated that he had no idea of the crazy happenings that were going on, but he now desires to move.The woman who resides next door to Arroyo stated that she always used to see various men knocking on doors. Sometimes they would miss Arroyo’s door and accidently knock on the doors of other tenants. She noticed the peculiar activity, but it may not have made sense to her until after the police made the arrest.When the authorities performed a search on Arroyo’s unit, they found five women and one male. They charged Arroyo with five individual counts of receiving money from prostitution. They also charged him with using his living quarters to support prostitution. A first offense for a prostitution-related crime can land a person in jail for 60 days with a fine of $500. Subsequent offenses call for stricter punishment. They are punishable by sentences of up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. Arroyo may be looking at a felony, which could land him in jail for five years with a fine of up to $5,000.

A talented Miami prostitution defense attorney can help with this kind of case. Hassett & Associates have been defending people in such predicaments for more than two decades. The firm can truly help a client to come up with a viable defense that can free him or her from jail. An example of such a defense is entrapment or misconception of the practice. An experienced criminal defense attorney such as the ones at Hassett & Associates can also persuade a judge to have leniency on a convicted party. If you or someone you know has been accused of prostitution in any way, you can schedule a consultation by calling 305-567-1211.

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