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Miami Burglary Defense Lawyer

Man Arrested in Miami Beach for Burglaries in Darien and New York State

Police in Miami Beach arrested a man they believe is responsible for a home burglary in Darien. Law enforcement believes that the man arrested may also be responsible for burglaries in Fairfield County and in New York and Connecticut.Miami Beach police arrested the man on a fugitive warrant. He was extradited to New York state to prosecution on burglary charges in at least one county in that state. He has been charged with third-degree burglary and first-degree larceny in Darien county as well. He is also expected to be sent to Connecticut from New York to deal with the charges he faces in that state. No information is available as to when the suspect is to return to Florida to face these charges.According to law enforcement officials who arrested the suspected burglar, the man stole approximately $20,000 worth of jewelry and gold coins from a residence in Darien. He is accused of stealing similar types of property from other residential properties in Florida and New York, leading police to conclude that the burglaries were all perpetrated by the same individual.A person facing charges similar to those of the man arrested and extradited to Florida needs solid representation from a Miami Beach criminal defense lawyer, specifically a Miami Beach burglary criminal defense lawyer. The law offices of Hassett & Associates focuses its practice on criminal defense representation, including providing a client with a skilled and experienced Miami burglary defense lawyer. Hassett & Associates schedules no-obligation, no-cost initial consultations to individuals in need of a Miami Beach criminal defense attorney. A Miami Beach burglary criminal defense attorney provides an overall evaluation of a case and provides possible options during such an appointment.

The legal team at Hassett & Associates is also well versed in dealing with requests for extradition from other states. In other words, if a person is arrested in Florida for a crime he or she allegedly committed in another state, that individual has the right to fight extradition — the right to fight being sent — to that other jurisdiction. Because the extradition process is designed to move rather swiftly, a person facing such a situation needs to make contact with a qualified Miami Beach extradition attorney promptly.

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