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Fort Lauderdale Man Faces Attempted Murder Charge

Fort Lauderdale Attempted Murder LawyerWhat was supposed to be a routine bus ride nearly turned deadly for a Broward County man. He’s the victim of a shooting that occurred on a Broward County Transit bus. The alleged shooter turned himself in to answer for charges of attempted murder. The shooting occurred on a public bus. Law enforcement says that the man can expect to face charges that he attempted to murder the victim by shooting him.

Police say the alleged shooter and the victim were both passengers on the bus. They say that the men got in an argument. They began exchanging verbal insults. Both men wanted the other man to leave the bus. Other passengers tried to intervene. At least one of the men began making threats, and the argument continued.

Witnesses say that the shooting victim and the suspect became physical, but it’s not clear who did exactly what. What they say is clear is that one of the men shot the other as they stood over the victim. The series of events isn’t entirely clear. Witnesses say that both men were involved in the altercation.

Even though the shooter faces charges of attempted murder, it’s up to state authorities to prove the charges against the man beyond a reasonable doubt. The beyond a reasonable doubt standard is more than just a possible doubt or an imaginary doubt. The defendant can raise the issue of self-defense.

If the defendant raises the issue of self-defense, it’s up to the state to prove that the defendant did not act in self-defense. Self-defense can be a complex issue. Witnesses may tell conflicting stories, and they may have different points of view of the scene. If the state can’t prove their case, the jury should find the defendant not guilty of the charges. Because the man faces criminal charges, he has the right to the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale attempted murder lawyer. A Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer can help the man defend against the charges to the fullest extent of the law.

In the Broward County case, the victim called for others to summon help. Paramedics arrived on scene to take the victim for medical care. He’s expected to survive.

Law enforcement began a manhunt to find the suspect. They even shut down streets while they searched for the offender. They say that the situation caused a significant amount of panic. The man is being held without bond, and he has the right to a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer. His Fort Lauderdale attempted murder lawyer can help him defend against the charges and raise possible defenses.

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