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Legal Assistance for Those Facing Drug Charges in Broward County

Broward County Drug Arrest LawyerA Fort Lauderdale man is facing multiple criminal charges after his simple violation of a Florida traffic rule led to a chase, a brawl and the discovery of a supply of drugs. This is the type of defendant who can benefit from the services of a Broward County drug arrest lawyer. He and others facing similar charges can find such help from the law firm of Hassett & Associates.

The recent drug seizure began when the 33-year-old suspect, driving along the turnpike in Pompano Beach, failed to change lanes after passing two state patrol cars that were attending a traffic stop, their flashing emergency lights an indication of a cautionary situation. This was in violation of Florida’s “move over” law, which requires motorists to change lanes when passing law enforcement, emergency or service vehicles that are parked along the road or, at the very least, to greatly reduce their speeds in order to increase the margin of safety. This failure led one of the troopers to attempt to stop the suspect’s vehicle, which was made even more obvious by the fact that it had Alabama license plates.

The suspect subsequently abandoned his vehicle, which continued to move, scraping the roadway guardrail as it traveled down the turnpike. Jumping over the guardrail, the suspect himself ran down an embankment, but he was captured after scuffling with the arresting officer. Another trooper was able to use his patrol car to stop the suspect’s vehicle, a search of which revealed a backpack containing drugs that included marijuana and cocaine. The bleeding suspect was given medical treatment before he was taken to the Broward County jail. He faces 14 criminal counts, including drug possession and resisting arrest.

Florida is known for its strict drug laws that can lead to misdemeanor or even felony charges and jail time for those convicted of possessing even small amounts of illegal substances. Those facing such charges will need intervention by a Broward County criminal defense lawyer. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to challenge the circumstances of the arrest, which could lead to the dismissal of the original charges, or may be able to work out a plea arrangement, which can result in a less severe penalty.

Broward County Drug Arrest Lawyer

A Broward County drug arrest lawyer will provide advice throughout the legal process and strive for the best possible outcome of every case. This is why those facing drug or other criminal charges should consider contacting the law firm of Hassett & Associates at 954-791-3939.

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