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Fort Lauderdale Police Arrest Man Accused of Punching Infant

Broward County Child Abuse AttorneyA man in Fort Lauderdale was arrested late last week for punching an infant. The attack is said to have occurred at his residence on Northwest Fourth Street. Police arrived at the residence following a call about a domestic disturbance. When Fort Lauderdale Police got to the home, the infant’s mother said that the 40-year-old man had been consuming alcohol and was upset about an argument with his brother.

The man who was arrested had been sitting on a bed with his wife and their two children. The police report regarding the incident states that he “became enraged” when one of his children crawled up onto his lap. He allegedly then swore at the infant, telling the child to get away from him and punched the infant with a closed fist. The man was taken into custody by police for booking.

Child abuse in Florida is defined as “A willful or threatened act resulting in physical, mental or sexual injury or harm, causing or likely to cause impairment of physical, mental or emotional health.” According to Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Kenneth Hassett, the State of Florida takes child abuse allegations very seriously. As opposed to a generation or two ago, striking a child in Florida can now be a criminal offense. That can result in a person’s child being taken from him or her by a social welfare agency. A person might not be permitted to see his or her child without supervision. Sometimes, allegations of child abuse are completely false.

Child abuse in Florida is generally a felony of the third degree. It’s punishable by up to five years in prison. If charged as a second degree felony, child abuse is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Kenneth Hassett is an experienced and respected Broward County child abuse attorney. If you or somebody close to you is charged with child abuse, Mr. Hassett will fully assess any physical or mental injury that the prosecution alleges.

Remember that the prosecution has the burden of proving you guilty of child abuse beyond a reasonable doubt. Exercise your right to remain silent, and don’t give police any type of statement or confession. It will only be used against you by a prosecutor. Also exercise your right to an attorney right away. Contact Broward County child abuse attorney Kenneth Hassett at 954-791-3939.

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