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Fort Lauderdale Federal Criminal Lawyer Reports on Child Pornography Charges

Fort Lauderdale Federal Criminal Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Federal Criminal Lawyer reports Florida police officer arrested on child pornography charges

A 45-year-old Boynton Beach police officer was arrested on the afternoon August 29 by FBI agents on charges of being in possession of child pornography. In the wake of the arrest, the officer was relieved of his duties by Boynton Beach law enforcement officials and was being held without bond needing a Fort Lauderdale Federal Criminal Lawyer for the child pornography charges.

The arrest came after the police officer had been interviewed that morning by FBI agents. The interview had been sparked by an investigation that began following the arrest of an Alabama man who was later charged and convicted of selling child pornography. One of his alleged customers for the material was the officer, who reportedly purchased items in September and October of 2018 on the website Tumblr.

In an effort not to draw attention to the sordid nature of the alleged crimes, the FBI claims that the Alabama man instructed the officer and officers to describe the actual purchases by stating that they were educationally-based material. The belief was that no concerns would be raised because of the fact that the Alabama man was a college student at the time.

Brought to federal court in Fort Lauderdale the following day, the officer faced another pair of court dates in September, including on September 13, when he was scheduled to be arraigned. No time frame was offered as to when a trial would begin.

Any charge connected to child pornography is one that’s sure to elicit outrage and potentially cloud the judgement of potential jurors for a subsequent trial. That’s a chief reason why obtaining the services of Fort Lauderdale federal criminal lawyer Kenneth Hassett is vital for those facing such circumstances.

Hassett and Associates is committed to offering their clients the most vigorous defense possible. That’s because conviction on child pornography charges would not only cost someone their freedom, but likely also put their life in danger once they enter prison.

With extensive experience as a Fort Lauderdale federal criminal lawyer, Hassett will work with his associates to aggressively protect the constitutional rights of their clients. Kenneth Hassett and his staff are well-versed in how prosecutors approach cases of this nature and put in long hours to make sure to strategize for when a trial begins.

So if you or someone you know is in need of a Fort Lauderdale federal criminal lawyer, make sure to contact the law offices of Kenneth Hassett. Just call Hassett and Associates at 954-791-3939.



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