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Dania Beach Man Arrested Following Fort Laduerdale Hit and Run

Hit-and-run driving offenses are some of the most upsetting occurrences because the victim is often left to suffer until someone comes to the rescue. The incedents are downright cold when the hit-and-run driver means harm. Broward County Police recently caught up with a driver who allegedly fled the scene of an accident not too long ago. The name of the driver is Kyle Christopher Hannover. He is 26 years old, and he is awaiting the outcome for the charge of murder. The judge decided that this man was not entitled to bail while he awaited the final court date. Judges consider various points when they decide whether to provide the defendant with bail. In this case, the judge probably pegged the defendant as a runner.

The point in this case that makes it so heinous is that it involved an 81-year-old man named Luis Angel Dominguez. The victim died shortly after the incident. The defendant and the victim had apparently been arguing about something and racial slurs started flying about. Then the suspect threw a rock at the victim’s car, got into his car and ran over the victim. Hannover is looking at a number of charges. Hit and run seems to be the least of his problems. He will need a Broward County criminal defense lawyer for this case.

The Penalty for a Deadly Hit-And-Run Accident

The penalty for a hit-and-run incident involves a jail sentence of up to 30 years in prison. Other things that may occur if the defendant is convicted of the charge is driver’s license suspension and an order for restitution. The judge may ask that the defendant pay monetary restitution to the family or some other kind of restitution. The defendant must have a reliable Broward County criminal defense attorney to protect him in this matter.

Are You Charged Witha Hit-And-Run Accident?

Hassett & Associates can help you if you or someone you know has to face a hit-and-run charge. Hasset & Associates services people in Broward County and the surrounding areas. The consultation is completely free, which means that a prospective client can relax and listen to some friendly advice without emptying his or her wallet. Prospective clients can contact the firm by telephone or short from. The telephone number is 954-760-9911. Someone will set up an appointment quickly so the defendant can secure the necessary protection.

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