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Two Teen In Custody Following Fort Lauderdale Murder

When a 52-year-old man was found dead in his car near Northwest 22nd Street in Ft. Lauderdale, an immediate search ensued for two people who had been recorded by a surveillance camera. The victim, a local resident named Gary Martin, had died from multiple gunshot wounds. In the video from April 19, 2016, the perpetrators are seen walking toward the blue car as it is heading out of an apartment complex. When the driver stops, the two approaching people climb into the vehicle.

A short time later, both suspects are seen fleeing the scene on foot. A different camera captures them a little farther away; at this point, they are still running and a third person has joined them. Since Gary Martin’s injuries proved to be fatal, police set out to find the murderers and bring them to justice. Two 14-year-old boys are now in custody on first-degree murder charges.

In cases like this one, the accused are afforded the right to legal representation and a fair trial. A valuable Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer can ensure that the rights of these two teens are not violated throughout the legal process. Although Gary Martin’s shooting death warrants a penalty, the law requires the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the young men on trial are the same individuals who appear in the video. For a premeditated murder conviction, the prosecuting attorney must also show that the defendants committed the murder after making a conscious decision to do so and then having a reasonable period of time for reflection before acting on it.

Felony murder is the second variation of first degree murder. The proof required in this type of trial is that the suspects were in the process of either committing the alleged criminal offense or fleeing from the scene when the victim was consequently killed. Whether the Ft. Lauderdale teens face premeditated or felony murder charges, their futures are in jeopardy; minors are often charged as adults when accused of serious crimes.

Fort Lauderdale Murder Attorney

A first degree murder criminal defense attorney is vital in this situation to ensure that justice is properly served for both the victim and the accused. If you are currently in a similar bind or someone you know needs professional legal protection, contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. in South Florida. Kenneth P. Hassett has been serving the area since 1991 and will effectively fight the State Attorney’s criminal charges against you.

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