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BSO arrest 54 People In Green Shield Sting Operation

Fort Lauderdale felony arrest

The Broward Sherrif’s Office successfully pulled off one of the largest crime stings in a long time. In this operation, they made 54 total arrests, with three of the defendants labeled as career criminals. The sting had gone on for three weeks before BSO made its break and started gathering the arrests. They confiscated firearms, drugs and a whole lot of money in the operation. The people who were arrested were all charged with felony offenses. They will need a Fort Lauderdale felony arrest attorney if they intend to see their way out of this situation.

Penalties for Crimes in Florida

The exact crimes for which these persons were charged have not yet been disclosed. We can only speculate on the amount of jail time they’re looking at. A felony gun charge can land them in jail for up to 15 years. Felony drug charges can result in spending up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. If these persons received charges for narcotic sales, they might face a jail sentence of up to 30 years and fines of up to $10,000. Only an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer can assist with charges that massive.

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help

A Fort Lauderdale felony arrest attorney can assist with massive charges by first investigating to ensure that the arresting parties followed proper protocols to make their arrests. A Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer can also strategize and develop effective defenses for someone who’s looking at a long sentence. Furthermore, the attorney can negotiate with the presiding judge for a lighter or alternative sentence in a situation where a conviction occurs. No one in this case should attempt to represent himself or herself. It doesn’t seem as if it would go over very well.

Contact Kenneth Hassett

Contact Kenneth Hassett if you know someone who has received charges for similar crimes as the persons in this story. Kenneth Hassett has a strong reputation for protecting every accused person’s rights and ensuring that each person receives due process and a fair trial. He has also won many cases and has been in practice for years. You can contact his office by calling to schedule a consultation, or you can complete an online form to request a meeting. Don’t hesitate to have a consultation with an experienced criminal attorney. It could make a huge difference in the upcoming case.

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