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Former Broward Health executive accused of $600,000 in kickbacks

Fort Lauderdale money laundering lawyer

A former purchasing executive with Broward Health was federally indicted in an alleged kickback scheme in which he allegedly received more than $600,000 in exchange for awarding contracts with the hospital system to four companies from 2008 to 2015. He was indicted for money laundering, bribery, and extortion and entered a not guilty plea on Jan. 8 in federal court in Fort Lauderdale. If he is convicted, he could be sentenced to serve up to 60 years in prison and face fines of up to $1.25 million.

According to the indictment, the 46-year-old man was in charge of purchasing at Broward Health. Between 2008 and 2015, he allegedly conspired with four companies, a family member, and two unnamed co-conspirators. Three of the four companies involved reportedly secured $22 million worth of procurement contracts with Broward Health during that period. A New Jersey company made cash payments to the man beginning in 2008. In 2014, the man reportedly wanted more money than could be handled in cash payments, so the company started writing checks payable to a company owned by one of the man’s relatives. During the seven years, the company received contracts worth $14.4 million and paid the executive hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks.

A co-conspirator allegedly started helping the executive with the scheme in 2013. He or she took a 3% cut of a $6.1 million contract with a linen company and paid kickbacks to the executive. The co-conspirator also took a 3% contract of a procurement contract with a compression-sleeve company and kicked back some money to the man. The fourth company was a computer company owned by one of the executive’s relatives who also received a contract with Broward Health. The executive took 40% of his relative’s profits in exchange for awarding the company the contract.

Extortion, bribery, and money laundering are considered white-collar crimes and will often require the help of Fort Lauderdale money laundering lawyer Kenneth Hassett. Extortion occurs through the use of intimidation, coercion, or threats to secure favors that benefit the actor. Bribery happens when someone pays money to someone else to secure benefits. Money laundering occurs when someone attempts to conceal where the money originated from by sending it through a complex series of transactions. While they are white-collar crimes, the man’s case demonstrates how seriously they are treated by the federal government.

Talk to a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer

People who are charged with white-collar crimes should retain an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer who practices in both state and federal court. The processes are different in federal court, and the potential sentences are more severe. Attorney Kenneth Hassett has been licensed for almost 30 years and has successfully represented many people facing serious charges. If you or a family member are facing these types of charges, call a Fort Lauderdale money laundering lawyer at Hassett & Associates, P.A. by calling 954-791-3939.

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