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A Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Represents People Facing Concealed Weapons Charges

Fort Lauderdale felony arrest lawyer

A High Profile Case in South Florida

Recently, a local news station in South Florida reported about an arrest that generated considerable media attention. A popular former football player reportedly faced Carrying Concealed Weapons or Firearm charges. The police discovered him carrying a handgun in his pocket in a parking lot. They detected the smell of alcohol on his breath.

After stopping him, the police asked the football player if he had ever possessed a concealed weapons permit. He indicated that he had never obtained one. The police noticed the handle of a firearm protruding from one of his pockets and they arrested him. Other residents of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County sometimes find themselves in similar situations. People seeking to protect themselves from crime in Florida frequently consider laws and regulations pertaining to concealed weapons a confusing subject.

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

What do current Carrying Concealed Weapons or Firearms charges involve in South Florida? Most defendants who face this type of serious legal charge discover benefits in obtaining licensed legal representation. An experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer like Kenneth Hassett possesses knowledge about this type of criminal matter.

Defendants seeking the advice of a Fort Lauderdale felony arrest lawyer sometimes contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. In order to obtain a conviction on this charge in Florida, a prosecutor must prove several facts beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution must establish the defendant knowingly carried a weapon. Additionally, the defendant must have concealed the weapon from view. The defendant must not have obtained a concealed weapons permit for the weapon. This type of charge potentially applies to a firearm, or to some other type of weapon (including knives and electric devices).

Consult With an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer

Sometimes residents of Fort Lauderdale consider carrying weapons for self defense. Yet this area of the law proves complex. Law abiding people may find themselves accused of violating Carrying Concealed Weapons or Firearms provisions.

If you (or someone you know) ever becomes involved in this situation, consider contacting an experienced Fort Lauderdale felony arrest lawyer. Kenneth Hassett and his law firm frequently represent defendants in South Florida in cases involving Carrying Concealed Weapons or Firearms charges. The law firm offers a free initial consultation. Call 954-791-3939 to speak with an attorney at Hassett & Associates, P.A.

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