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Air Passenger who ‘Joked’ About Bomb is Arrested

Fort Lauderdale False Report LawyerAs a woman settled in for a flight from Florida to Montreal, a flight attendant asked who owned a bag that didn’t fit in an overhead compartment. A woman claimed the bag as hers. Then she made a joke that there was a bomb in the bag. The woman laughed as she made the joke, but she isn’t laughing anymore. Now, she needs the help of a Fort Lauderdale lawyer for false reports.

The woman is quickly learning how costly her joke was. The alarmed flight attendant notified the captain and cleared the plane. The crew and passengers waited hours for takeoff while the police investigated and searched the terminal. Police arrested the woman and charged her with making a false report of a weapon of mass destruction.

False report of a weapon of mass destruction is contrary to Florida law 790.164. The law covers making any false report of a bomb, explosive or another weapon. The law says that it’s illegal to make a false report, try to deceive or misinform any person about the planting of a weapon of mass destruction. The law covers even making a joke about the location of a bomb.

A violation of the law is a second-degree felony. The maximum punishment is 15 years in prison. Florida law specifies that knowingly making a false report is evidence of the person’s intent. Just by making the statement knowing that it’s false, the jury may presume that the person intends to deceive and mislead others. The offender has the right to a false report criminal lawyer.

Even if a person makes a joke about an explosive device, they may face prosecution under the law. The law says the court may not suspend or defer any sentence for the crime. However, the prosecutor may allow the court to reduce a sentence if the offender assists law enforcement with apprehending accomplices.

Fort Lauderdale False Report Lawyer

Anyone who faces a charge of a false report risks serious time in prison in the event of a conviction. However, they may be able to defend themselves by fighting the charges or negotiating a favorable non-trial resolution. A person who faces charges of a false report may work with a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer in order to address the charges and build defenses. A Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer can represent an accused person at all court hearings and help them build a successful legal strategy. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939.

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