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Facing DUI Charges in Florida?

Fort Lauderdale DUI Defense LawyerFlorida resident and lobbyist Ron Book, who has dedicated his life to preventing child abuse, is himself in legal trouble after crashing his car while apparently intoxicated. Like anyone else charged in Florida with driving while under the influence, he is facing serious penalties if convicted and will need the services of a Fort Lauderdale DUI defense lawyer. Such assistance is available from the law firm of Hassett & Associates.

The recent wreck involving Book occurred in the South Florida community of Davie, located near Fort Lauderdale. Book’s luxury sports car was westbound on Interstate 595 when it collided with a smaller compact vehicle, which then flipped over. Found hanging upside-down in his seat belt, the driver of the compact car was aided by other motorists who stopped at the scene of the accident.

Book was initially given a field sobriety test, but reportedly could not walk in a straight line. After refusing to take a breathalyzer text, he was taken into custody. Released from the Broward County jail after posting bond, Book stated that he had been taking medications as part of his treatment for cancer. He also claimed that the wreck occurred after the other vehicle had cut him off. However, this contention was refuted by other facts gathered by investigators.

Florida is known for its harsh treatment of DUI offenders. A first-time conviction can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and a jail sentence of up to six months. The penalties become progressively more severe for subsequent convictions. A DUI offender who causes an accident will face a misdemeanor charge that could result in a jail term of up to one year. Motorists who are suspected of DUI and refuse a breath test face an immediate loss of their driving privileges.

Fort Lauderdale DUI Defense Lawyer

Fortunately, drivers charged with DUI have a number of defense options. They could claim that the blood alcohol or breath test was not administered properly or was inaccurate. They may be able to challenge the circumstances of the original stop. It may also be possible to have a DUI charge reduced to some lesser offense, in the process reducing the penalty. A Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer will provide the needed representation throughout the legal process and help ensure the best possible outcome of every case. This is why those facing DUI charges should contact the law firm of Hassett & Associates at 954-791-3939.

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