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Firefighter Faces Domestic Violence Charges in Broward

Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorneyA Fort Lauderdale man is facing charges of domestic violence in Broward. Authorities say that the man assaulted his wife and her son in a domestic dispute. The man may turn to a Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorney to fight charges of domestic battery by strangulation and domestic battery.

Authorities say that there are two alleged victims in the case. They say that one of the victims has a cut lip as well as red marks on her face and chest. Her son has a contusion over his right eye according to law enforcement authorities. Witness statements say that the argument started over the man’s alleged talking to other women online. The man accused made statements to law enforcement during the investigation.

When a person makes statements to law enforcement during the course of a police investigation, the statements that they make may be admissible in legal proceedings. If the case goes to trial, law enforcement may seek to admit the statements as a statement against interest. Even though evidence rules prohibit admitting hearsay, there is an exception in the hearsay law for statements made by another party. What a defendant says to the police is admissible at trial unless the statement is coerced by the police without reading the defendant their rights if the defendant is in police custody.

A Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney can help you examine possible ways to defend against a domestic violence charge. When you’re faced with a domestic violence charge, a criminal lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can help you determine how to fight the charges. Self-defense may be a defense that is available to you.

You have a right to question witnesses at trial. You have the right to testify in your own defense. Anyone facing a charge of domestic violence is innocent until proven guilty. Just because the police make an arrest does not mean that you are convicted of a crime. You have a right to fight the charges and present your defense.

Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Attorney

A Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer can help you prepare your strongest defenses. Each time that you appear in court is critical to advancing your case and fighting for justice in the legal system. Your attorney can help you contact witnesses, prepare arguments and bring preliminary motions to the court that may make your case stronger. It’s important to work quickly in order to preserve evidence and gather documentation that the police may have missed. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939.

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