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“Toxic Tush”

In the Miami-Dade Circuit Court, Oneal Ron Morris and Corey Alexander Eubank pleaded not guilty to second-degree felony charges. The two were arraigned Monday and charged with practicing medicine without a license. Two victims came forward and accused them of injecting a toxic mixture of “Fix-a-Flat” and superglue to enhance their backsides. Both accused persons were released after posting bonds. Oneal Ron Morris, also known as the “Duchess”, has allegedly duped women into paying for six injections of a near-lethal formula of chemicals administered through a tube hooked to a cooler while Eubank coordinated the meetings between the victims and Morris. The authorities believe the two are a part of and underground network of scam artists who have been offering “pumping parties” and home buttocks augmentations for years. In some cases these “parties” have only caused flu-like symptoms and welts on the victims backsides, however some end fatally. The two victims thankfully recovered after serious medical attention. This is not the first time Morris has been in trouble; she is not a doctor which she claimed to be and she has a long arrest record for using phony identification, writing bad checks, and theft. Do you think Morris and Eubank are innocent? For more information go to http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/mh-toxic-tush-court-20111220,0,4882015.story.

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