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Fort Lauderdale Spring Break Arrest Lawyer

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale Spring Break Arrest Lawyer

The annual spring break exodus to Florida was in full swing, but the situation is much different this year as opposed to previous spring break seasons. Spring break has been declared officially over by local government officials. Fears over the Coronavirus outbreak have prompted local governments to set specific policy regarding crowd size and proximity for patrons of local businesses as well as completely cancelling certain public events for breakers. The beaches have been closed for the most part, which means that local police departments will be combing the beaches in greater numbers and monitoring all groups of people more intently. Of course, the spring break season usually means alcohol consumption as a necessary activity on some level, and this year’s arrest numbers will assuredly increase because of heightened awareness of police officers and local government policy. Everyone should have a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney in mind when deciding to drink and still remain in south Florida because of extended college break announcements.

Following the Arrest

Problems begin immediately for those arrested for alcohol-related charges during spring break. And this year could be even worse than usual. Drinking on the beach is absolutely forbidden, and those under the age of 21 could even be arrested for illegal possession. Public intoxication will also be monitored closer than in the past, meaning arrests for AI could be possible for even minor infractions. Those arrested for DUI will be charged with a crime and required to post bond for a jail release just as any other criminal charge. Fines for even violating the beach prohibition policy can range upwards to $500 and six months incarceration. Having an attorney like Fort Lauderdale Spring Break Arrest Lawyer Kenneth Hassett in mind before this potential issue means you will know who to call immediately to arrange a release.

What a Fort Lauderdale Spring Break Arrest Lawyer Can Do

Your attorney from H & A Associates can investigate case particulars regarding your arrest and discuss the case with the court in establishing a potential defense and negotiating a release. Public intoxication can often be a relatively minor charge, and even a DUI arrest can result in an OR release under certain conditions. A dismissal on PI charges can be a potential result as well, and sometimes the case can be settled very quickly. This is a major concern for many spring breakers, and having a reputable Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney can be a major difference.

If you or a loved one were arrested durinduring the spring break season should contact Hassett & Associates effective and comprehensive representation. Call 24/7 at 954-791-3939.

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