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Davie Criminal Defense Attorney

Need a Davie Criminal Defense Attorney?

Davie, Florida is the location for one of the most unique events in the United States with the annual Orange Blossom Festival that is held every February. The 82nd official celebration will be held this week with the featured “Cowboy Town” theme that keeps visitors coming back year after year. This year’s event looks chock full of events that the entire family will enjoy ranging from world-class livestock judging contest to bull-riding and calf-roping festivities. It is a little bit of the Wild Wild West right in southern Florida. Actually, many people do not know that Florida is the nation’s leading livestock producer instead of the commonly accepted concept of Texas and Oklahoma.

Even though this is meant to be a time of family fun for all, many times problems exist with festivals of this type because there are also many tourists and even some spring breakers already in the area looking to enjoy themselves a bit too much regarding their behavior. Police are typically on high alert when events are scheduled, and the late winter to early spring is a busy time in Florida. Arrests for specific alcohol-related crimes increase due to the combination of law enforcement awareness and tourist activities. This means it is always good to know who to call in the event of an untimely incident with local police officers.

While most people are not consuming alcohol, other visitors who are enjoying events will opt to do so. And most still maintain themselves well when everything stays in moderation such as drinking with dinner. However, the Cowboy Town theme can spill over from time to time. Not only do public intoxication arrests increase, but the number of physical altercations between patrons and DUI charges see an uptick. Driving under the influence is actually one of the most serious crimes in the eyes of local officials, and Florida courts are likewise serious about prosecuting those guilty of impaired driving.

Even a first offense charge for DUI in Florida can result in significant penalties and even jail time under certain circumstances. This can assuredly put a negative damper on a vacation even when no one is injured such as in an accident. And accidents do occur with some intoxicated driving cases. It is always vital to have an experienced and aggressive Davie criminal defense attorney when facing charges because penalties can be harsh and disrupting to the defendant as well as anyone who is injured due to cited behavior.

Help from a Davie Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you or a family member is arrested during this festive time in Davie it is important to have solid legal counsel. Always call Davie criminal defense attorney Kenneth Hasset Hasset when needing legal representation. The attorneys at Hassett & Associates, P.A. are available to take your call 24/7, call (954) 791-3939.

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