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Rothstein Back Stabs “Dear Friends”

Scott Rothstein’s “rock-star lifestyle” consisted of VIP seating at Heat and Dolphins games, “joy rides” on private jets, black-tie charity events, and investments in strippers and hookers for himself and his “dear friends.” His never ending flow of money and extravagant lifestyle allegedly brought all of his “dear friends” along for the ride in his $1.4 billion fraud. Ratting out his “dear friends” during his 10 day sworn testimony this month, Rothstein has thrown some fierce accusations against more than a dozen people whom he said knew of his illegal doings and said nothing. Rothstein said he had no choice but to talk because federal prosecutors demanded he reveal everything in order to reduce his 50-year prison term. Two of his many “dear friends” he turned on were his law partners Rosenfeldt and Adler, but he helped other friends subvert the justice system. Other friends he ratted on were Ted Morse, Rothstein’s best man at his 2008 wedding and Howard Gruverman, head of Edify LLC, whom Rothstein said was doing “illegal stuff.” As for his law partners, Rothstein said they were his willing puppets who had no problem with him committing illegal deeds. As usual the attorneys for his two law partners, Gruverman, and Morse all denied the accusations and stick together in saying that the accusations are completely false. If Scott Rothstein really cared about his “dear friends” do you think he would have turned them in? For more information go to

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