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Rapper Brisco Arrested for Fake Money and Credit Card Fraud

Fort Lauderdale Fraud Attorney
Rapper Brisco was arrested this week for his alleged involvement in a South Florida counterfeit and fraud ring.

Money is a wonderful thing to have, but not when it’s fake. A famous rapper is in the limelight for multiple serious charges regarding fake money, credit card fraud and evading an arrest. The situation does not look good for the rapper named Brisco. Brisco was finally bought into jail after he led police officers on a high-speed chase that went up to about 100 miles per hour. The police had been watching Brisco for quite some time and wanted to arrest him on previous charges for fraudulent transactions.

The rapper had allegedly been involved in a South Florida fraud ring that was using credit cards fraudulently to buy merchandise to resell. This ring was also allegedly manufacturing fake monies. Brisco, whose given name is British Mitchell, will need the assistance of a good Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer if he expects to find his way out of this situation. The original charges of credit card theft and making counterfeit money are bad enough. Adding the high-speed chase may just do him in if he doesn’t have an amazing attorney on the scene to protect him from harm’s way.

Brisco’s supporters raised more than a million dollars to try to get him out of jail. However, the judge felt necessary to deny his bail because he is a high flight risk. If Brisco is convicted for using counterfeit money, he could get 15 years in jail or more. A credit card fraud charge could get him up to five years in prison and fines of up to $5,000. Evading a police officer is an easy year spent in jail with fines to go along with it. Brisco will need the assistance of an established Fort Lauderdale or South Florida credit card fraud attorney to get help.

Fort Lauderdale Fraud Attorney Kenneth Hassett

If you or someone you know or love have been in a similar legal situation, contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939. Hassett and Associates is a criminal defense firm in the area that is dedicated to assisting ordinary residents as well as celebrities with their allegations. Hassett & Associates can proudly say that the firm has been awarded and recognized as a top law firm by Avvo clients. If you have an impending charge for any of the above stated charges, time is of the essence. Call someone today who can truly help your case and your sensitive cause.

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