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Miami Man Freed in Self Defense Ruling in Liberty City Was Shot By a Stray Bullet

Greyston Garcia was shot dead late Tuesday by a stray bullet as he drove his truck through Liberty City. He had been driving to his job at a convenience store when gunfire erupted in the 6900 block of Northwest 15th Avenue. Bullets entered the passanger side window and struck Garcia, whose truck crashed. Miami homicide detectives are investigating the incident and no arrests have been made. The police believe that Garcia was an innocent victim who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, along with Garcia, a young teen was killed who the poilce believe was involved in the rival gang shooting. Three months before this incident Garcia escaped a murder charge under Florida’s self defense law. A Miami-Dade judge in March granted Garcia immunity under the Stand-Your-Ground law at around the same time the killing of Trayvon Martin took place. The Miami Gardens teen was killed in Sanford by a self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman who claimed self-defense. The 2005 law eliminated a citizen’s duty to retreat before using deadly force to meet a threat. That is the main reason why Garcia, armed with a knife, had chased down a thief who had broken into his truck and stole his radio in Little Havana. Garcia eventually caught up with the theif and fatally stabbed Pedro Roteta in the chest. Garcia was found not guilty of second-degree murder. For more information go to the Miami Herald.

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