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Miami Extortion Attorney

Federal Agent Needs Miami Extortion Attorney

Public servant extortion and bribery crimes are severely punished under federal law. A person convicted of these offenses can look forward to paying heavy fines and serving a lengthy prison sentence. Given this grim future, individuals accused of extortion and bribery should retain a skilled Miami Criminal Lawyer. Kenneth Hassett, Esq. has extensive experience defending extortion and bribery crimes.

Extortion by a public servant is the use of his official position in a threatening way to obtain a benefit, usually money, from a person or a company. Bribery is the crime of giving a benefit to a public servant, such as a law enforcement officer, to influence his actions while acting in an official capacity. Accepting the bribe is also a serious federal crime. The public servant who extorts and accepts a bribe may be guilty of two federal crimes and seriously needs the help of a Miami Extortion Lawyer.

For example, United States prosecutors recently charged a former special agent of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for extortion and accepting bribes. According to the indictment, he falsely informed executives of a Columbian company that they were the target of a federal investigation and were about to be placed on a federal blacklist. Assuming that the agent had the legal authority to keep the company of the blacklist, the executives paid the agent $150,000 and perhaps more to protect the company. The agent, also a former Miami police officer, allegedly accepted the money and gave the company written proof that it was no longer under investigation. Charged with twelve counts of extortion and taking bribes, the agent could face more than 20 years in prison if convicted.

If you or someone you know is in a similar legal situation, then contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. for an immediate consultation with a Miami Extortion Lawyer. The firm will thoroughly investigate the charges against you and present the best possible defense at trial. However, we will also work very hard to resolve your case successfully at every stage of the proceedings. Remember that an aggressive legal defense prepared by a Miami Criminal Lawyer could mean the difference between prison and freedom.

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