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Fort Lauderdale Theft Attorney

Juvenile Arrested for Stealing Laptops from Elementary School

Earlier this month, a suspect was arrested by Fort Lauderdale, Florida police in suspicion of stealing laptops at North Side Elementary School. The police identified a 16 year old and arrested him for allegedly stealing 16 laptops at the school in April 2013.The teenage suspect was caught and charged with a single count of burglary at a school. In addition, according to the Fort Lauderdale Police, the youngster faces one count of grand theft that comes to more than $5,000.School authorities discovered that the school had been broken into through a window in a classroom. It has been stated that the suspect made off with a media cart that contained 16 laptop computers. He then brought the cart carrying the computers to a fence that was nearby and unloaded each one of them.

After the burglary at the North Side Elementary School, NBA basketball team The Miami Heat donated 16 brand new laptops to replace the ones that were stolen.

According to the police, the stolen laptops have not yet been recovered.

The Fort Lauderdale Police urges anyone who has any information on the burglary to contact Detective Sean Reddish of the Property Crimes Department at 954-828-5676.

Larceny is a very serious crime that an individual can be charged with if he or she knowingly steals the property of another person or from an institution. You can be charged whether you obtain property with the intention of keeping it permanently or temporarily holding it. The crime is typically trespassory in nature and carries serious repercussions.

If you or someone you know has been arrested under suspicion of larceny, theft, petit theft or grand theft, you will need the services of a skilled Fort Lauderdale theft Attorney. Kenneth Hassett and Hassett and Associates, P.A., his law firm, are highly skilled in this area and will strive to provide you with the best possible Fort Lauderdale larceny defense. Hassett and his associates will work to ensure that you are getting the best outcome from your trial case, with your jail time and any fines being reduced thanks to their savvy legal skills.

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