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Miami-Dade Police Officer Arrested For DUI

In the early morning hours of February 16, Miami-Dade police officer Albert Coriat was arrested on the Florida Turnpike near Plantation after attempting to make an illegal U-turn. He immediately made it known to the trooper that he was a law enforcement officer by flashing his badge. He denied being drunk, even though his speech was so slurred that he was incomprehensible at times. Dashcam videos show him doing all he can to avoid arrest with repeated pleas and protests.

“I thought we were all brothers,” he told the trooper arresting him. He failed miserably during the roadside sobriety test, stumbling during a walking test and falling over while attempting to perform a standing exercise.

“I’m not drunk, man. I was…”

“You can barely even talk, your speech is so slurred,” observed the trooper.

When the handcuffs were pulled out the dashcam shows Coriat begging to be let off because he is a law enforcement officer. At one point, he mentioned that he didn’t arrest other drunk drivers in the past.

“I’m a cop, just like you guys,” he told the trooper.

“I understand that,” the trooper responded. “But you’re doing something that’s illegal.”

“No, I’m not,” argued Coriat. “It’s not gonna be good for you. Listen to me…”

“What’s not gonna be good for me?” said the trooper.

A few minutes later, Coriat asked to speak with an FHF supervisor and mentioned an FHF executive who was a personal acquaintance.

Then the trooper had to get tough. “Turn around,” he told Coriat. “I’m not going to keep explaining…Would you like to be treated this way if you were arresting somebody…Have some respect.”

Coriat refused to take a breath test and vomited when he arrived at a secure facility. Miami-Dade Police Department has said that Coriat has been suspended with pay.

Drunk driving is a serious crime nationwide. In Florida, the penalty is a fine of no less than $250 for the first conviction and/or imprisonment for up to six months. In order to prove that the suspect was driving under the influence, the State Attorney must prove beyond a doubt that the suspect was in control of the vehicle while DUI.

A person in a situation like this needs the Miami DUI Defense Attorneys. DUI Criminal Defense Attorney Kenneth P. Hassett has been practicing law in Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Fort Lauderdale since 1991. If you or someone you know is in a similar legal situation, give us a call today.

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