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Miami Drug Trafficking Lawyer

DEA Arrest Three People With Ties to International Drug Trafficking

Drug Enforcement Administration agents arrested at least three people in southwest Miami-Dade County on February 20, charging possible links to transnational drug trafficking. The DEA complaint filed in Miami federal court does not specify the actual organization, although it does specify that investigators of the Inland Crackdown Allied Task Force, or INCA, were involved in a case targeting Colombian and Mexican drug cartels. It is known that criminal groups in both countries have the resources to ship large amounts of narcotics to the United States.For this arrest, INCA agents learned the name of one of the arrested men and arranged an undercover deal for cocaine in the Miami area. A meeting was arranged on February 19, by which time two other suspected drug dealers were involved. The cocaine transfer at an agreed-upon price of $350,000 was set for the next day at a house in southwest Miami-Dade County. Instead, the INCA agents made the arrests, which may be part of a broader drug trafficking probe by the DEA that began in California near the Mexican border. However, in the complaint, the DEA suggests that the arrests of the three men were not planned for that date but took place because of fear that a DEA informant, who was involved in the arrests, was about to be uncovered by the traffickers.

This DEA arrest follows a statement by the American commander responsible for the Latin American region that lighter defense budgets have aided drug trafficking networks in that area. Without the necessary backing, said the Marine general, most maritime drug smuggling goes by without resistance.

If you or a loved one in the Miami-Dade County region has been charged with a similar situation or has been involved in any case involving the DEA or other regulatory body, contact Hassett & Associates. We can provide the services of an experienced Miami Drug Trafficking Lawyer. These are not charges to be taken lightly or alone. Call today and let us schedule a free consultation. We know the law and we know how to help you with any criminal defense problem. Don’t hesitate. Call us now.


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