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Miami Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence In Florida: Defending Suspects Fairly

Domestic violence is a sensitive area of law, requiring lawyers to speak with both perpetrators and victims, including any children involved. At Hassett & Associates, we strive to defend suspects to the best of our abilities. With over 20 years of domestic violence criminal defense lawyer experience, we can help you move past a domestic violence charge and on to recovery.A Local Case Study

Even a man that seems to have everything can have domestic violence issues. Wladimir Balentien, a former Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball player, is going through a difficult divorce in Miami. After trying to contact his estranged wife, he showed up at the home. She locked the door against his wishes, so he broke into the house.

Frustrated with his wife, he locked her in a room with their young daughter present. Police were contacted and Balentien was quickly arrested. In these volatile cases, it is critical for the suspect to contact a Miami domestic violence lawyer immediately. Balentien’s rights need to be protected, regardless of the charges.

Initial Charges

Until a judge can be contacted, Balentien must remain in jail to hear the charges. For this particular case, Balentien was charged with misdemeanor battery and felony false imprisonment. All domestic violence cases have different charges leveled against the suspect, making a lawyer’s presence important to weed out the false charges that may not apply. As with most Miami domestic violence cases, Balentien cannot go near his wife until a judge declares other instructions.

Contacting A Lawyer

Kenneth Hassett, and his associates, know that you have many choices for legal defense attorneys. In the case of Balentien, he will need a strong defense to bring the charges down to only misdemeanor issues. However, false imprisonment, and the fact that police officers had to free the wife from a locked room, is hard to defend with several witnesses attesting to the fact. Contacting a lawyer is the first thing Balentien should do to start his defense plan.

Hassett & Associates is here to serve your domestic violence legal needs in the Miami area. We understand Florida law, especially when it comes to marriage clauses. Although we cannot stop a spouse or child from testifying against you, we can build a solid case to help you reduce charges and possible jail time. If you, or someone you know, has been in a similar legal situation, contact Hassett & Associates at 954-791-3939 or online at https://criminallawyermiami.com. Your future depends on your legal team’s expertise.

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