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Two Women Arrested in Miami for DUI

Two women from the Pembroke Pines, Florida area received several charges earlier this week. One of the most serious is driving under the influence or DUI after they caused havoc at a Sally Beauty Supply store.The women, Veronica Cabanas and Cathleen Ibanez, had a child that was only two years old with them when they were arrested. The police were able to find them after Cabana’s mother alerted them that the driver was possibly impaired. The mother was concerned because she knew that Cabana and Ibanez were driving while intoxicated and had her two year old grandchild in the car as a passenger.Approximately an hour and a half later, police were called to the beauty supply store. Authorities stated that Cabanas and Ibanez were creating a disturbance. In addition, according to the police report, Cabanas was attempting to have her two year old urinate into a bottle of a beauty product. Both she and Ibanez were allegedly throwing items throughout the store, creating a disturbance.

By the time the police were on the scene and approached the women, the two were in the car. Ibanez was in the driver’s seat and the car was running although in park. The police reported that the child was in the car but not secured in a car seat. Of course, it is required by law that toddlers are secured in a car seat while in a vehicle.

As they conducted their investigation, the police reported that both women had glazed over eyes and that their speech was extremely slurred. The officers performed roadside sobriety tests and came to the conclusion that Ibanez was under the influence.

In addition, according to the police affidavit, they located several pill bottles inside the woman’s purse. Among them was a bottle of oxycodone. Ibanez does not have a prescription for these drugs.

According to police, Cabanas was stumbling around and was warned several times not to get behind the wheel. Instead, she ignored the orders from police and sat in the driver’s seat of the car while the engine was running. She denied using any drugs or drinking alcohol. However, following the roadside sobriety tests, the police concluded that she too was under the influence and the two women were arrested and taken to jail.

Cabanas was charged with DUI, DUI with a child under 18 in the vehicle, resisting arrest, child neglect and driving a motor vehicle while knowing that her license was suspended.

Ibanez was charged with DUI, DUI with a child under 18 in the vehicle and drug possession.

If you are arrested under suspicion of DUI in the Miami area, you will want the skills of a savvy Miami Dade DUI Lawyer. Kenneth Hassett of Hassett and Associates, P.A. is a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense and he will strive to get your charges reduced or even dropped. Contact Hassett and Associates, P.A. today.

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