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Miami Computer Crime Defense Lawyer

Miami Teen Arresgted for Hacking School Computers To Change Students Grades


Felony charges have been filed against an 18-year-old Miami high school senior for allegedly hacking into school computers to change grades for himself and four other students. The charges include intellectual property offence and offense against computer users, according to VFOR-TV. The school principal reportedly received a written confession from the student before turning him over to police.The student, who is scheduled to graduate shortly, is described by family members as “hardworking” and “a good kid.” After a court appearance during which the charges were read, he was released on $20,000 bail, which his family posted.

A statement from the Miami-Dade School District, which was sent to WFOR-TV, stated that the student faced the possibility of expulsion if convicted of this offense. “The school district takes incidents like this very seriously” declared the statement.

Felony charges, such as those filed against this high school senior, are serious offenses that deserve the highest standard of justice. Hassett & Associates, P.A. has long been dedicated to defending the rights of those accused of a crime in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. Each case is serious and unique. The Hassett practice of law focuses on the individual needs of every client. We guarantee a background of experience that will focus on you and the details of your case.

Your first consultation with Hassett & Associates is free of charge. We defend all types of criminal defense cases with the same dedication and the same adherence to one belief: You are innocent until proven guilty. The rights of all are protected under the U.S. Constitution, and we take that belief seriously. If you are facing criminal charges in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale areas, contact us. If you need the services of a criminal attorney or a federal defense attorney, call the Hassett firm now. Let Kenneth Hassett’s 22 years of experience work for you. Once we take your case, we are committed to using that experience to bring you the best possible results and the full compensation that is guaranteed under the law. We are here to help. Let us help you now.

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