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Ex-UFC Fighter Arrested on Multiple Assault Charges


Following a Thursday evening spree, veteran fighter Thiago Silva, age 31, found himself jailed in Broward County on charges of aggravated assault and battery and in need of a Miami Assault Lawyer. The next day, officials of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) terminated his fight contract. The incident began outside a jiu-jitsu school on Oakland Park Boulevard, where Silva allegedly showed a handgun to his wife and another man and threatened to kill them. They ran back into the school and called 911. Silva went to his home and locked himself inside, eventually surrendering to a SWAT team just before midnight. However, he failed to comply with the demands of officers, who used a taser to subdue him. Officers stated that Silva appeared extremely intoxicated and confused, and he requested a lawyer. A friend of Silva’s was quoted as saying that everyone was shocked because Silva was a quiet person and nice husband.Silva’s request for legal counsel was, perhaps, one of the few things he did right that evening. A person facing assault and battery charges in Broward or Miami-Dade County is advised to seek a Miami Assault Lawyer at an early stage because conviction carries substantial, life-altering penalties. As Silva learned, even the filing of charges can result in loss of employment. A Miami Assault Attorney may be able to convince the State Attorney to not file charges at all, to drop charges, or at least to prosecute on lesser charges. Silva’s apparent inebriation and confusion could be factors because, for a conviction there must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Silva’s words or actions intentionally and unlawfully threatened violence against the victims and that he had apparent ability to carry out that threat. For the aggravated charges to stick, there must be proof that he used his weapon in a way likely to cause death or great bodily harm and further that he had a fully formed, conscious intent to commit the crime on the victim. The law firm of Kenneth P. Hassett is prepared to advocate in defense of suspects charged with assault, battery, and aggravated assault and battery. If you have been, or if you know someone who has been, in a similar legal situation, contact the law firm of Miami Assault Lawyer Kenneth P. Hassett.


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