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Miami Armed Robbery Attorney

FBI Arrests Miami Resident for Armed Robbery

Florida is no stranger to armed robbery. Every year, the state sees hundreds of thousands of such crimes. A Miami man was recently charged with armed robbery after he robbed a Best Buy store in Miami Beach. The robbery occurred on or about April 15, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations picked up the case. They arrested the man under the Hobbs Act. The Hobbs Act is an act that prohibits extortion by force. To be accused of extortion by force, the offender has to use reasonable fear or threats to extort property from another party. Clearly, the act at Best Buy was such a case.

The authorities charged the defendant with armed robbery. The crime of armed robbery is a first-degree felony in the state. A conviction of armed robbery can bring a jail term of up to 30 years. However, the courts may sentence an armed robber with life if he or she used a deadly weapon. In some cases, the judge will allow the defendant to get out of prison after 25 years and split a life sentence. The convicted party would spend the additional 25 years on probation. This special deal is not available for those who have already been convicted of the same crime. Furthermore, the person would need an experienced attorney who could bargain for leniency.

An armed robbery charge can cause devastation in the perpetrators life. The individual will have difficulty obtaining employment, apartments, loans and more. The person’s reputation will be permanently ruined. Therefore, it is in a person’s best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney after receiving a charge of this type. A criminal defense attorney can use a number of strategies to protect his or her client. Certain elements of the crime must be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to inspire a conviction. Skilled attorneys can use their best tools to prevent that from happening.

Hassett and Associates is a Florida-based criminal defense team with over 20 years of experience defending people with criminal charges. Mr. Hassett can help with any part of the legal process, including bail, arraignment, plea bargains, and sentencing. He is dedicated to seeing that each client receives just and fair treatment. His record of success is extensive, with hundreds of cases that end up either reduced or dismissed. If you or someone you know has received a charge for armed robbery or any similar charge, contact the firm immediately for assistance.

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