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Man Arrested for Prostitution In Fort Lauderdale

On Friday, November 21, William General Jones, represented by a prostitution criminal defense lawyer, was arraigned on 11 charges that included human trafficking of a minor, as well as sex with a minor and ordered held without bond. The charges came after Jones was arrested on October 17 in Fort Lauderdale by city undercover detectives who posed as prostitution clients for a 16-year-old female runaway that was working for the 43-year-old Jones, who then immediately became in need of a Fort Lauderdale prostitution lawyer.

The detectives from Fort Lauderdale’s Human Trafficking department had received a tip one month earlier after topless photos of the runaway and Jones’ cellphone number allegedly appeared in an ad on the website backpage.com.

After the undercover detectives told Jones that they would pay more for the runaway, she was brought her over to an apartment by him, which resulted in his arrest. In the subsequent investigation, the cellphone of Jones brought the discovery of both text and voice messages to arrange advertised sex dates as well as videos of Jones and the girl having sex.

Those in need of a Fort Lauderdale prostitution lawyer should know that in this case the State Attorney must prove that a suspect committed or engaged in “assignation,” which involves the making of an appointment for prostitution. They must also prove beyond reasonable doubt that a suspect offered or agreed to secure another person for prostitution.

In addition, it must be proven that the suspect transported a person knowing that the trip was for prostitution purposes, and that the suspect permitted a person to remain in a place, structure, building or conveyance for the purpose of prostitution

If such circumstances have happened to you or someone you may know, please contact a Fort Lauderdale prostitution lawyer with Hassett & Associates. Our legal team will be able to represent you against the State Attorney’s charges. Just contact a prostitution criminal defense lawyer with our office at 954-760-9911 to set up a free consultation. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can meet with you either at our Broward office, located at 1327 SE 2nd Avenue or wherever else you choose.

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